In parallel to the programming of shows, the Cndc wishes to share choreographic culture with all audiences and in all its forms.

The Cndc wants to be a living choreographic center, open, accessible, which is part of the territory by working closely with various local partners such as the Quai-CDN, the Rectorat de Nantes, the Chabada, the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional, the cultural service of the City of Angers, the cultural service of the Department, the University of Angers, the TALM Angers School of Art and Design, the Cinema Les 400 coups, the Premiers Plans festival, the Pôle de ressources pour l’Éducation artistique et culturelle des Pays de la Loire.

Artistic and cultural education

In partnership with the educational teams of schools, the Cndc organizes numerous artistic actions to sensitize young people to dance.
Within the framework of measures supported by the communities and the State, this mediation is declined in the form of choreographic courses adapted to each group, going from the workshop of practice to the meeting of works.

For the public

The Cndc, as a resource center, has a fundamental role to play in the development of tools for sharing choreographic culture, allowing spectators to situate themselves in the landscape of contemporary creation. For each season, the Cndc develops a program of conferences, screenings, meetings and exchanges with artists.

The Cndc also wishes to play a leading role in the development of amateur practices. By offering regular courses and workshops, artists in residence or speakers at the school transmit their approach to movement.